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5 Top trends on Social Media

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It is fundamental that you stay up to date in the Digital Marketing market.

Know below the main trends in 2017 ↓

1. Content Marketing

A content marketing strategy is important when one of the main goals is conversion. Through texts, videos, images, animations, infographics or applications, the content must convey a clear and objective message and add value to the brand. Want to know more about content marketing? Send us an email!

2. Community management

Study your persona, identify groups, choose one or more platforms where you create exclusive and relevant content. Here, your audience interacts and there begins to exist a community that is attentive to your business and wants to feel closer to the company or brand. In the coming years, this will be one of the main trends in digital marketing that will certainly revolutionize the relationship between brands and consumers.

3. Video Campaigns

Video is the present and future of digital and content marketing. On facebook, for example, a video can get 135% more engagement than a photo, so if an image on your page has an average of 100 likes, the video will have at least 235 likes. Check out the tips we have for you to create content in the video format in the previous article.

4. Big Data

This term is linked to the capacity of data analysis and transformation of these results into material for optimization of strategies. Know some of the advantages of Big Data for a company:

- Optimization in the management of metrics;

- Identification of standards;

- Perception of constraints or points for improvement;

- Competitive differential.

5. Mobile Marketing

The user experience is the basis of the success of any campaign and use should consider mobile. Some strategies may include optimizing websites for conversion or application development. Know all about developing an app in the next article 🌱

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