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Facebook Live Alterações News Feed

Mark Zuckerberg highlighted last Wednesday that Facebook was created to bring people together and build relationships. Connects people through meaningful publications from your friends and family in the News Feed. So over the following months, Facebook will make updates to sort what content is really important to people and so they can interact with those who are most important to you. These updates will favor all content that creates meaningful interactions with brand, publisher, or business content.

Here are some ways to prepare for the change: 📌

1. Making organic posts appear in the News Feed is becoming increasingly difficult. It's important to increase the investment in ads. We must compare the budget spending against the competition and set an effective investment strategy.

2. Zuckerberg admits Video Live has been successful in creating conversations and bringing communities together. Begin to leverage live broadcasts so there's a greater reach in your audience's News Feed, organically.

3. MEASUREMENT is the key. To stay current on new changes and trends, constantly review your performance so you can react in real time.

4. Create content that is really interesting to your audience and avoid non-dynamic posts. You should now check the KPIs and align them with the mission of Facebook.

You can read the full publication of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg here.

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