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Tools for Digital Marketing


We make a consistent effort in the optimization of all the processes and daily tasks, and we stay aware to all the new market trends and forms of communication.

Many people have been asking how do we work every day with digital brands. We decided to gather in an article all the tools we use daily that allow us to enhance our work as a team and with our clients.

Like many other companies, we use Google - Gmail, Calendar, Tasks and Drive as collaborative tools and external communication - for a quick question we just send an Whatsapp message for a more direct contact.

All the storage and sharing of content go through premium Dropbox and Paper accounts, this way it will also allows us to access all the content on any device and anywhere in the world.

For internal communication, Facebook Workplace and Workchat are our favorites. After we tested others like Asana and Slack- which are great too - they did not fully met our needs like the tools created by facebook.

A good job in social media requires platforms for scheduling, content management and analysis. For this we prefer Facebook Business it self, Postgrain and Cyfe,.

Although, before this step, all our content is prepared with design tools like Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom or Premiere Pro, we have also discovered and tested Affinity Design, but we will use another post to tell you more about it.

Do you use any of this tools or is there anything you want to share with us?

Let us know what are your questions, we are happy to share and give you all the details about it!

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