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The Best of Web Summit

Top lessons learned from the Web Summit 2018

Web Summit is more than a tech conference, is the best way to connect with each other and find inspiring people.

One of the main themes of the 2018 edition was artificial intelligence, crypto-coins and blockchain technology. There were quite a few startups present to showcase their artificial intelligence algorithms to improve our day to day.

We had our schedule determined for the week, but by the time we got there was not that easy to walk from stage to stage.

So we chose to stay the most time we could in each stage, so we could get more out of it and our favorite stages were Pandaconf, Content Makers and Creatiff.

For all the conferences that we couldn’t attend, at the end of the day they were already online. Here's a youtube list we created with our favorite talks.

Some of the main insights about brands and storytelling we got from Web Summit:

- Brands

Find the real why for the company existence.

If you tell your employees to be brave or something else, your brand should have it too. Inside Marketing departments could be great, but the best thing to work with an agency is that we have a lot of clients and they already learn from each other and tested several options.

- People

Trust that the people that work with us and our clients are able to see the work in progress - cooperate and collaborate with eachother. Find how people love to work and communicate and use that knowledge to get better results, for example, through e-mails, WhatsApp or Phone. Generosity is the key.

- Stories

Stories make us remember and stories make us care.

Sometimes, ideias outside of the box don’t work because clients are focused on to reduce investment risks.

With vídeos: do it with a strong opening and optimize them so that your videos look like they belong to the platform.

This event also works as a form of research and visual inspiration of technological evolution, where we can meet several startups with the most promising ideas to improve our future!

Were you at Web Summit? Share with us your best experiences!

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