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Does Size Really Matters?

The ideal length for every online content.

We want to share with you this information from the SEO Pressor that we feel that is really relevant and we know it already by testing it for many years now. So by having this information in advanced it would be great for your brand or business.

There is now information on the ideal number of characters that should be used on each online platform. This way you can ensure that your posts are viewed by the highest number of people possible, therefore creating more engagement, but do not impose limits to your creativity.

Facebook: 40 – 80 characters

Twitter: 71 – 100 Characters

Instagram: 138 – 150 Characters

LinkedIn Status Update: 25 Words

LinkedIn Post: 500 – 1,200 Words

Explainer Video: 2 to 3 minutes

Blog Post: 2100 words, 7 minutes

Email Subject Line: 28 to 39 characters

Clearly, all content must be tailored to your audience, and what's right for a brand or for a percentage may not be for your target audience. View these standards as a guideline, not has a rigid rule and share your results with us!

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