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Moment: Our favourite gear for iPhone photography

Buying a professional camera can be really expensive, specially if you only planning to use it in your free time or while traveling, we recommend to stick with a recent smartphone like a iPhone7Plus model or above (we absolutely love Apple).

Moment is one of our little secrets to up your mobile photography game and get that "wow" in your instagram feed. They have high quality lenses, cases and neck/wrists straps that makes casual photography much more fun.

From our experience these are our favorite products:

  • Macro Lense: Capture details you've never seen before with a mobile phone.

  • Wide Lense: To capture wider shots, perfect for landscapes.

  • Tele Lense 58mm: Their most recent lense that gets you closer to your subject, also perfect for portraits.

  • Anamorphic Lense: This is one of their most famous lense, fit for cinematic widescreen videos with a lens flare feature.

  • Adjustable Leather Neck Strap: The neck is lined with microfiber and easy to adjust for wearing on your neck or cross-body.

  • Travel Case: The go-to travel case for mobile photography to keep all your lenses and gear in the same place

They also have their own blog with pro tips and they arrange trips in the most beautiful places for the perfect photo. How cool is that?

Feel free to contact us with any question you might have about any accessory or the best purchase solution for you.

You can follow our team instagrams to check out our Moment shots!

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