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3 Tips to get work balance in your life

Today I’m gonna tell you about my experience about being a student and working at the same time. It is not always easy to manage the time, but the reward is worth it. In this adventure, i learned that organization is crucial between others details, so my tips for you if you are in the same situation or even to balance your personal and professional life:

1. ​Make a list with 4 columns that prioritize your tasks:

  • Urgent and Important (do it right now)

  • Not Urgent but Important (do it ASAP until is not urgent)

  • Urgent but not Important (it’s possible to ask someone to do it?)

  • Not Urgent and not important (if it’s nothing that makes you happy, don’t do it)

This tips are also in this book that we highly recommend: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

2. Learn to say NO

  • We tend to please everyone but is really important for you to establish your own priorities.

3. Make sure you absolutely love what you are doing

  • This one could make a standard quote, but if you take this tip as “are you doing what you feel that is right and suits with you life purpose?” makes you really think about it and be aware that everything feels right;

  • Other question that you can make in this topic is if you are still learning everyday. This also could be decisive in your choices.

I hope this tips could make some sense for you. For me, this way is so much easier to manage time for study, for work, for social life, and a bit for ourselves if we organize beforehand and divide the tasks and priorities, so that we can do everything. The great advantage is that I can apply what I learn in college into my job, and vice versa!

It becomes easier to understand and more enlightening to learn about something you are practicing and working on. The way you study, the creativity, and the ideas that come up for college projects are so much more realistic and easier to carry out once you are familiar with the work tools. And having colleagues who help me on this path, who advise me, who give me tips to improve my work more and more, is just amazing!

They are an example to me, either by they’re capacity of artistic creations, or by the way of transforming a sentence into something more, by they’re kindness in difficult circumstances, by they’re attention to little details, by their organizations methods, by their talent in photography and video... the list goes on and on, and having the opportunity to grow beside them makes me a lucky girl.

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