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3 Tips for Facebook Ads 2019

Do you keep boosting your content on Facebook but with no results?

The Facebook Ads Manager is constantly changing and the strategies that worked only a few months ago may not work right now. However, Facebook ads shows that they are still essencial to brands objectives and give us many good results.

So, to get better results we applied these tips for ourselves and we hope they are useful to you:

1. Invest Time in Creative and choosing Ad Placements

Sometimes, even only a different copy can impact our target in a different way and make them buy. Take advantage of all the ads formats and the ability to use 1080x1080 images as links for Facebook and instagram free ads.

2. Think twice before use “boost post” option

The facebook algorithm for bottom on the post will get you as many comments and likes as possible but they are not necessarily buyers. Use Facebook Ad Manager to create an ad campaign with your objectives and in our experience, these campaigns will convert a lot more.

3. Optimize your Ads only a few hours later

Adjusting your Ad will continuously stay in the “premium spots” on Facebook, where Facebook is learning about your ad providing a higher chance for your ad to maximize its potential.

Are you interested having someone run your facebook ads for you? We’re your team!

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