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How to Manage Negative Feedback?

In this social media age, a simple negative feedback or comment on your social media can hurt your business image and success if not handled correctly.

Here are a few tips for interacting with customers who might not say the nicest things about your brand.

Never argue with a customer, especially in public posts

  • Remember, argue can make your whole brand look unreasonable and rude in the eyes of your customers. If a situation goes beyond your knowledge, find a superior or the person responsible for customer service who can make sure everything is being done to help deal with the problem.

  • If the customer is vague or rude to begin with, it can be better to not respond at all. However, if they mention a specific problem, that’s the time to step in and try to make the situation right.

Never promise the world

  • Never promise what you can´t deliver to the customer. It´s best to follow up and promise progress towards a solution - then deliver the perfect solution quickly. Customers interacting in social media typically expect responses within an hour, so find the solution in a few minutes can earn you some extra goodwill with the customer and for the brand.

Be one step ahead of the customer

  • Try to create a plan to answer the customer’s question while they ask it, especially if the problem sounds familiar. If you find a quick answer or solution, you’ll be a superhero to them.

Follow up your customers complaints

  • If an angry customer ends interactions with a genuine thanks, don’t ignore them! Show them and everyone who is watching that you’re happy to help.

More than one solution

  • Sometimes theres no way to satisfy every customer - even reasonable requests sometimes aren’t possible. In that case, a “take it or leave it” solution won’t make the customer and everyone thats watching comfortable with your company.

  • Instead, apologize and give at least a few reasonable alternatives. This lets your customer know you do care and want to help.

In the end is impossible to predict how a customer will react but aslong you keep your composure, be polite and showing you want to help, we are sure that you can find the best solutions for your customers.

Let us know if you need any tips in how to handle certain situations with your customer service! We are happy to help.

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