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Can you do more, better and faster?

Does organizing our work make us perform better? Yes!

We always believed that the secret to tranquility, whether physical or mental, would be to live / work in an extremely organized environment where we know where to find everything we need, combined with the ease of performing certain tasks or solving certain problems.

One of the most important points in this process is to move from the ideas that we have in mind to paper / mobile / tablet, because when we have a visual idea of what we need to develop we gain a new and more real perspective!

1. The space we live / work in

Following the idea that less is more, we eliminate everything that can bring us discomfort, physical or mental. Our comfort space should not be overloaded, if we have to move away, hide or look desperetaly for something then we have here a point of improvement. Eliminate everything you don't use, that's always in the way or that is simply causing visual discomfort!

2. Seeing The Big picture

The goal here is to see the general context. We mean to look at what we do and ask ourselves if we can do more, better and faster! All the steps that we can eliminate in this process are great for achieving an effective method. Eliminating repetitive or useless procedures is the key to success.

3. Solving complex situations

This is the simplest of all!

When we are faced with something new to solve we have a tendency to psychologically block, this is due to the fact that it is new or entails great developments, however the best solution is quite simple, divide one BIG into several SMALL ones. Create a list of tasks and start by dividing it into sub-tasks, these will be easier to solve and once they are solved mark as finished. This small step of marking as done is our reward for good work, mentally we begin to realize that we are on the right track!

These tips can adapt to the different realities of everyday life, either in our personal life, in our home, work, managing people or managing tasks.

Share with us what are you doing to optimize your work and let us know if you want to discuss any ideia in this topic with us.

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