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When should we post on Social Media?

Do you keep posting on social media but always with low results?

Did you ever considered that if you post when your audience is most active online the chances of people see your content are higher? Each individual platform will have different optimal times for publishing.

There is no “best time” that works for all social media. Instead, you need to think what type of audience is on each social media platform, the busy times of each country and stats guide. We leave you some tips below.


Still the biggest social media platform, Facebook daily users keeps growing so choosing the right time to post is an important step. From our experience, the best days and time to post in Portugal are:

  • Monday | 12am - 3pm | 7pm - 9pm

  • Tuesday | 12am - 3pm

  • Wednesday | 12am - 3pm

  • Sunday | 6pm - 10pm

There is also a good and easy way to check what are the best days for your business to post based on your followers activity. Check below:

  1. Go to your facebook business page

  2. On the top bar, choose Insights

  3. On the left side, click on Posts

  4. On the top squares you see the days your followers are mostly online

  5. Below the squares you can see the time of day they are more active


The rising star of social media, Instagram has risen from another image-sharing platform to a social media powerhouse.

Being the top choice for influencers and content creators and although Facebook’s user base is larger, Instagram’s 1 billion monthly active users are incredibly engaged. Instagram engagement is the highest of any social media platform, so make sure you pick the best time to post.

From our experience, the best days and time to post in Portugal are:

  • Monday | 2pm - 3pm | 8pm - 10pm

  • Tuesday | 2pm - 3pm

  • Wednesday | 2pm - 3pm

  • Sunday | 8pm - 11pm

Similar to Facebook, you also have a stat tool to check the best days and time to post your content. You can check below:

  1. On your mobile device login with your business profile.

  2. Click on the right top corner and select Stats

  3. Click on Audience

  4. Scroll down to Followers

  5. Here you can select each day and check the times your followers are online and if you click on each bar, it will show you how many followers were online.

Contact us for any doubt or questions, we will gladly help you!

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