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Let's talk about taxes?

Have your accountancy asked you for RFI 21 Model or Tax Residence Certificate from your UE internet suppliers?

If your business are based on Portugal or UE, maybe you are asked for RFI Model from your internet suppliers like Google, Dropbox or Facebook.

We recently faced some adventures between our accountancy - and she is the best ever - , and costume service from our suppliers.

We will share everything we know or take knowledge with you.

The Portuguese Tax Authority requires companies to have a Tax Residence Certificate or the declaration (Model 30) with income paid to non-resident entities and, in this declaration, the Portuguese state requires a withholding tax of 25% of all invoices issued by non-resident entities to be delivered to the Portuguese state (which in this case would mean that without this document we could pay more 25% of each receive we have from the UE suppliers)

To this end, there is the declarations you can find bellow or the RFI 21 model which is filled by companies whose head office is in the EU in a particular country and who make their discounts there. With one of this document the withholding or change to your billing is no longer necessary.

So, to make this really simple for you, we gather bellow some documents for suppliers that we use on a monthly basis and others that we feel it could be important for you.

Download available bellow:

Please note that you should confirm this information with you accountancy.

Let us know if we can help you with our experience.

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