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The Tele 58mm is our favorite mobile lens!

How to get the sharpest high quality photo with a smartphone?

The new Moment Tele 58mm lens has been completely redesigned for the latest and greatest smartphone cameras, optimized to get you closer for tighter, crispier shots without using the digital zoom.

In dual lens devices, you can achieve 2x optical zoom when mounted over a single lens camera and 4x optical zoom when mounted over the iphone telephoto lens.

Our favorite features:

  • Features the mount interface with a simple twist-and-lock design.

  • Works with the latest Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus devices.

  • Made with aerospace grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.

  • Includes a lens cap and microfiber carrying bag.

  • Covered by 12 month warranty.

  • Perfect for portraits photos

  • Able to zoom in with no quality loss

We love to use the 58mm Moment lens either professionally or in our free time, it is extremely fun and gives us so much more photography creative options with so much detail and quality.

Let us know if you need any mobile photography tips, we love to share our experience and knowledge!

- Take note that to be able to use this lens you need the special Moment photo case.

Want to know more details and examples about the Tele 58mm lens? Check the vídeo below!

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