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How to Connect your Business with LinkedIn Hidden Tool?

You can´t find many social networking for your company or yourself?

When you think of social networks, probably the first names that come to your mind are Facebook or Instagram, but LinkedIn is one of the most used professional social networks which many people worldwide invest their time to get awareness to their business or professional career.

Although LinkedIn gives you insights on the improvements that each can and should make in your profile so you can get more people's attention, LinkdeIn SSI (Social Sales Index) rating functionality is perhaps one of the most hidden secrets of the platform.

Everyone has a secret SSI score on LinkedIn, so the higher your SSI, the more work and connection opportunities you will find on the platform, basiclcy, it 's a ranking that tells you how much your personal brand is worth.

The Social Sales Index calculates its effectiveness in establishing its professional brand, locating the right people, interacting using analytical data and cultivating trusted relationships.

To know what is your score on LinkedIn you just need to access this link. Besides the score itself, you will find data about the average presence of other professionals in your area in the social network and will still find some tips on how to improve that value.

Start taking advantage of this secret function for your business or career success!

Let us know if you have any questions about it!

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