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Use Instagram #hashtags Like a Pro!

Have you ever asked yourself which are the best #hashtag's to use?

Each platform uses hashtags differently and with the right hashtag strategy, marketers are able to acquire new audiences and get more out of their content. Hashtags on Instagram primarily serve as a content discovery tool.

It works in two different ways.

  • Followers might have seen a specific post with a hashtag that interests them and they want to find out more about that topic. By clicking on that hashtag, they would see top posts that have used that exact tag, along with a selection of related keywords at the top of the search bar. This discovery approach is more coincidental.

  • On the other hand, users can actively do an Instagram hashtags search by entering text into the search bar. If you think about it hashtags are actually no different than search engines! Simply think in terms of SEO and you’ll be fine.

Just make sure that you’re using them in combination with hashtags that are related with your content.

Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags in your description text, so take advantage of that and spice it up a bit. From our experience, use between 9 to 15 hashtags per post.

4 Tips to #Hashtag on Instagram
  • Think of Instagram hashtags as keywords. Choose the ones that are specific to your brand and content. Make sure overly generic keywords are used alongside with specific keywords to increase your odds of being discovered.

  • Get inspired by trending hashtags in your industry, explore influencers and competitor profiles to keep up with trends.

  • Make sure your post is #relevant to the Instagram hashtag you are using.

  • Keep it classy. It’s easy to exaggerate once you start adding hashtags to your post. Including too many hashtags can look spammy and turn potential customers off.

Share with us with are your favorite #hashtags!

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