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Volunteer with us

We are creative and fully committed to our planet. Learning more about sustainability and making small changes in our daily routines is something that we all love. Now we are sharing this with you.

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Cruz Quebrada Beach

On September 17 we will gather at 10am at Jamor Park and then go to Cruz Quebrada beach to contribute to a coastal cleanup. This event is scheduled to last 1 hour and our team has all the necessary resources to make the collection hygienically and safely.


We also have some special guests representing brands with which we are privileged to collaborate and that values are also based on sustainability wanting to make the world a better place.


Garden Gloves

We will have available some gloves to share, but if you have some you can take yours. 

Less resources, less waste.

Water Bottle

Reuse your own water bottle. We will have fullfilment for them.


Choose appropriate clothing and accessories for the event.


Let's make something green together?

Thank you for being part of this

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